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Spinal Manipulative Therapy
Contrary to public perception, spinal manipulative therapy (like chiropractic in humans) is more than just putting a bone into place and is as useful in domestic animals as in people. When properly done, this modality can have impacts on muscles, organs and nerves as well as spinal alignment. This is very useful for animals who are having any lameness or neurological problems as well as a multitude of other issues. Many nerves originate from the spine, such as those affecting respiration and digestion; therefore, many organ problems can improve with spinal adjustments. Misalignment in the spine can result in abnormal nerve sensations radiating down the limbs so that owners may notice their dog chronically licking its leg.

Dr Kramer's dogs out hiking
Additionally, many older animals can be helped by regular adjustments. If your dog is having problems getting into the car, going up and down stairs, chewing its food, picking up its toys, getting on the furniture or your cat suddenly can not jump up anymore, you are likely dealing with spinal misalignment. Horses who throw their owners, have lameness issues or are sensitive to their bits or saddles are generally in need of adjustments.